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Choose the Treatment Option For You

  • Soma Structural Integration Series

11 two-hour sessions. This fully body/mind overhaul is our most comprehensive mode of treatment. Within the recipe of the Soma Structural Series, client and practitioner address specific concerns while working to improve overall body balance. Clients proceed thru the Soma Series as quickly as twice a week or space the work out to once a month. For most people, even a few sessions result in marked pain relief, improved posture, and increased body performance.

  • Somassage

Somassage combines traditional massage technique with Soma Structural Integration work. The net effect is a very relaxing style utilizing broad stokes in a similar sequence and direction as the deeper structural work. It is a great introduction to Soma Bodywork and is also often used as maintanence after completing the Soma Structural Series.

  • Soma Injury Treatment & Prevention Intensives

Injury Treatment combines deep Soma Structural Work with lighter balancing manipulation and specific stretching, strengthening, and movement exercises. It provides proactive means to address particular ailments and often helps avoid surgery or other invasive measures. Whether you are pre- or post- surgery, acute or chronic, Soma Work is extremely effective as a rehabilitation program or a preventative maintanence measure.

  • Table Stretching & Functional Awareness Training

Functional Awareness Training involves active and passive assisted stretches on the table, bench and floor. It also includes a customized program of exercises and healing movements that can be done at home.

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