Jeff Greiner

As an athlete and a body-worker, I hold the human form in highest regard. My appreciation for the body stems from my passion for rock, ice and alpine climbing, backcountry skiing, cycling, hiking and running. I explore the natural world as a means to see life from many different angles.

As a Soma Practitioner, I combine a fascination for body mechanics with a healthy respect for the human form in motion. I seek to reveal in my clients a lighter way of being through enhanced functional awareness of their bodies. My intuitive sense compliments my anatomical perspective in a way that fully connects me to individual client needs.

I found Soma Structural Integration after a car crash left me with a substantial lateral whiplash. A referral from my chiropractor encouraged me to try Soma work. Midway through the Soma Series I could feel a major improvement in my pain level and posture.

Shortly thereafter, I left the retail world to attend the Soma Institute in Buckley, Washington (soma-institute.org). Now I am a Certified Soma Structural Integrator and Nationally Licensed Massage Practitioner. I started Body Minded Therapy as a way to share Soma Structural Integration with others.

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