What is Soma?
Soma is a Greek word referring to the experienced body – balance between the physical, emotional and spiritual selves. Soma work is a powerful tool that equalizes tension ingrained in the physical form, lightens the mind and awakens the body.

Collagen sheets, bands, chords, and strings form networks that draw our physicality into its shape. Gravity, exertion and stress thicken this connective tissue, making it sticky. This limits energy flow, decreases motion, and can lead to anxiety or injury.

In the tradition of biochemist Ida Rolf, Soma Structural Integration uses a recipe of deep, yet gentle, connective tissue manipulation. The practitioner and client work together to peel apart stuck layers, moving sequentially from superficial to deeper structures in the body.

Pinpoint strokes balance tension at the tendon, ligament, muscle, and bone – allowing the skeletal core to realign itself. Developmental movement exercises reinforce the nervous system’s ability to accept the structural change, while re-training tissues to hold the new shape. Pain diminishes and growth is promoted.

Soma Structural Integration excels as a long-term preventative and treatment method, encouraging a shift in one’s physical and mental stance. Soma intends to produce lasting change.

As skeletal alignment and tissue mobility continue to improve, clients feel increased energy levels, coordination, and grace. A confident body-awareness emerges, yielding heightened physical performance and mental prowess.

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