When the body gets working appropriately, the force of gravity can flow through. Then, spontaneously, the body heals itself. -- Ida Rolf

The Soma Series
Soma Structural Integration is ideally delivered as a series of 11 two-hour sessions. It can also be performed as issue-specific treatment in 60-, 90- or 120-minute increments. Clients stand to gain the most from proceeding through the entire Soma Series, but distinctly sense change with less work. For most people, even a few sessions result in marked pain relief, improved posture and increased body performance.

Each session within the Soma Series is completely
different from the last and follows a specific recipe:

Releasing the Superficial Layers

  1. Freeing the Breath
  2. Grounding the Lower Leg
  3. Releasing the Sidelines of the Body

The Deepening: Opening Core Connectivity

  1. Freeing the Pelvic Floor
  2. Balancing the Upper Pelvic Attachments
  3. Lengthening the Entire Back Line
  4. Mobilizing the Shoulder Girdle, Neck and Head

Integration: Re-Sequencing and Balancing Core/Sleeve Relationships

  1. Lower-body Movement Re-education
  2. Upper-body Movement Coordination
  3. Soma Arm Session: Tying Arm Movement to the Torso
  4. Mobilizing the Frame at the Joints


Soma Results
Typical progress is seen in these before, during, and after photos.

Body change before and after 11 Soma sessions.
Session 1
Session  1
Session 11
  1. Head moves back
  2. Neck regains natural curve
  3. Ribcage elevates
  4. Belly flattens
  5. Pelvic angle changes
  6. Knees soften
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