Soma Session 1:  RIB CAGE
Purpose:  Release the tissue surrounding the rib cage and lengthen the lower back.
Results:  A sense of lightness and well-being, a more upright posture and fuller deeper breathing.

Session 1 is a great introduction to Soma Structural Integration technique and to my personal style.  It is a stand alone Session and clients often realize a sense of being they thought might have disappeared from their lives. After Session 1, most clients continue thru the entire Soma Structural Series.   Completing Session 1 reveals that Soma Work is entirely different than most bodywork modalities and is a highly effective treatment methodology allowing greater body awareness, efficiency, ease, grace and diminished pain.  Session 1 shows clients that Soma is more than a symptom chaser, but rather a holistic healing system designed to teach the client how to carry more effectively and allow the body to heal itself from within.

The goal of Session 1 is to free the breath.  We work in particular on the inhale portion of the breathing cycle.  We relate the inhale to how your body moves the ribcage and superficial musculature and connective pieces surrounding the torso.  65% of the work occurs with the client on their sides, with some work up the front of the body and thru the armpits with the client on their back.

We proceed to loosen the gluteals (maximus and medius) and lengthen the IT band (or iliotibial tract) down the outside of the thigh.  We work up the sternum (breastbone), under the ribs at the diaphragm (the primary mover of breathing), along the clavicles (collarbones) and work around the entire shoulder girdle.  We continue up the neck and work down the hamstrings in the back of the leg.

People relate feeling much lighter and buoyant after Session #1, often with a release from some neck and low back tension.  We work towards a balance at the skeletal joints that allows the body to express more ease in gravity.  We do some coaching on breathing techniques and postural components of a healthy vertical stance.  Lastly, we begin coaching the client with ways to carry the body from within, as opposed to relying on weaker superficial structures for postural use.

There are optional before and after pictures with Session 1 as well as some other Soma specific components to help the client relate to how they currently relate to their body.

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