Soma Session 7: HEAD AND NECK

Session 7 completes the Core Sessions and our upward journey along the spine.  This time we address the shoulders, pecs (chest), the front and back of the neck, the scalp/skull, face, and jaw.  This crown release session is designed to lend completion to the opening of the doors to ones’ structural core.  Session 7 helps clients sense inner core connectivity, the vital structural ‘way of being’ that shapes us into who we are.

Work across the top of the shoulder helps release the traps (trapezius muscles) and allows us to work the SCM (sternocleidomastoid) muscle, the thick diagonal cord connecting our collarbones and sternum to the base of our skull.  Loosening this key muscle is a major component in getting the head to release back over the shoulders in correction of the head forward posture predominant in many people.

We continue deeper to mobilize the underlying layers of the core neck muscles, the splenius group, the scalenes, rectis group and anterior neck musculature.  Work continues  along the cervical spine to the base of the skull.  The client is encouraged to experiment with neck movement in rotation, several planes of flexion and rearward extension to test their range and feedback as we go.

A scalp release helps to relax the client before we begin work on the face.  The eye sockets, brow, temple, cheeks,  and jaw all receive deep work.  Most clients choose to receive the optional inter-oral and inter-nasal work.  By loosening the muscles inside the jaw, clients suffering from TMJ (temporal mandibular joint, or jaw socket) issues often feel less tightness, pain, and clicking. Likewise breathing is easier after the nose tissue face, and sinus’ have been released.

Due to the great deal of connectivity between the inside face musculature and the inside of the neck,  this session helps clients regain a healthy cervical curve.  A different sense of where the head sits in relation to the torso and the hips is achieved. Clients are encouraged to lift the entire core line from the ground to thru the pelvic center to the crown and to indulge in the sense of suspension from within.

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