Soma Session 4:  VERTICAL CORE
Purpose: .

Session 4 begins the core awareness phase of the Soma Structural Series.  The next four sessions tend to elicit the deepest and longest lasting changes in the clients physicality.  This is accomplished by balancing connective tissue tension to open and level the pelvis, our most prominent center of core connectivity and our gravitational center.  Long term postural and movement pattern changes are created by adjusting tension on all of the major attachment points on the base of the pelvis in Session 4, before freeing all of the upper connection points of the pelvis in Session 5. 

In session 4, we rework the outer leg to make sure there is good communication from the hips down thru the IT bands to the feet thru the peroneal stirrup.  From here we begin new work up the inside of the leg.  Following this inner line, we are able to address separation of the major adductor muscles of the inner leg.  The pectineal muscles of the deep inner leg are addressed next along the inside of the femur (thigh bone).  We follow this line to the sit bones where we loosen hamstring tendons and pelvic floor musculature, This creates a major adjustment of the angle of the pelvis, which often translates to relief further up the spine.  We do some work around the sacrum and tailbone to help free the very important SI (sacro-illiac) joint where the end of the spine (the sacrum and tailbone) nestle neatly into the pelvis.  The session continues along the crest of the pelvis to loosen the hip hiker muscles and strives to keep the ribcage open and breathing free.

We add movement to our work along the psoas at the inner spine and groin.  We work the full length of the psoas continuum from the base of the ribcage along the inner spine, though the groin to its insertion at the deep inner thigh. Awareness exercises support our work around the base of the pelvis and instilling a sense of lift up the inside line of the legs, thru the pelvis, and up the inner spine up to the base of the skull.

Session 4 can be very powerful and often is accompanied by heavy emotional release.  It is encouraged for the client to allow room for mental release along with the eminent structural change.  Because some folks feel a bit off kilter while their pelvis and mind adjust to a relatively new position, it is recommended to schedule Session 5 fairly soon after having Session 4.  The body usually feels substantially more grounded after Session 5 while still allowing room for core exploration and structural change.

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