Soma Session 2:  LEGS AND FEET
Purpose:  Grounding
Results: A sense of being firmly grounded and in touch with reality.

Session 2 is  a grounding session.  Picking up where Session 1 left off, we continue down the leg from the knee to the toes.  We loosen the retinaclulae of the ankle, fibrous bracelets that act as hinge pivots for foot moving muscles of the low leg. We work to peel back the superficial calf and shin musculature and stimulate the deep compartment (posterior tibialis) of the low leg. This helps free the fibula to move around the tibia (shin bone) re-activating one of the body’s natural shock absorption systems.  Likewise, the feet receive firm work to increase their ability to absorb shock thru the arches.  The knee and ankle joints fall more squarely under the pelvis.  The feet open and are able to act more efficiently as our interface with the earth.  The client is introduced to working with their psoas muscles along their inner spine.   We often work in sitting posture and continue movement exploration with walking exercises and postural coaching.

In Session 1 we focus on releasing the ribcage to allow a full inhale.  Session 2 encourages the grounding effects of a full exhale as we release the low leg. We nurture the internal lift achieved thru this circular breathing pattern.  We continue to build trust in the notion of breathing into and thru a pain sequence to allow client and practitioner to gain depth and fullness of release.

Open toes and freed foot bones allow the client to more actively grasp the terrain underfoot. Coordination improves as our nervous system more efficiently moves information from the lowest parts of our body to our brain.  The client is encouraged to experiment with walking and breathing as a means to create awareness and help the body integrate the changes thru the low leg. People often feel relief from long standing ankle, knee and hip issues.  This session tends to help plantar fasciaitis (tense arches/sore feet) and promotes a new sense of  balance for martial artists, dancers, climbers, skiers, cyclists, yoga students and folks on their feet for extended amounts of time.  Session 2 calms anxiety and is one of my favorite in the Soma Series.

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